Aerospace MBA (Sevilla)

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Starting date: 6 October

12 months


Friday 16:30 to 21:30  / Saturday 09:00 to 14:00


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The aerospace sector has enjoyed a worldwide sustained growth over decades. Despite the severe impact on the aerospace sector of the COVID-19 crisis, the sector is already on a quick recovery path and it is estimated that this strong growth will be maintained in the years to come.

This growth will not only affect the manufacture of aircraft, but the entire aerospace ecosystem (supply chain, airlines, airports, air navigation services, MRO services ...). The sector is nonetheless facing significant challenges, above all those related to the decarbonization requirements imposed on aviation.

Military Aerospace is also expected to grow significantly in the forthcoming years, with new technologically challenging programmes arising on the horizon both in the USA and the European environment.

Widely recognized as a strategic sector, Aerospace has been subject to significant changes during the last decade, with an increased globalization of the value chain and the appearance of new players, both in the commercial and defense business, but as well with new opportunities for growth and activity in areas like Space and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Therefore, the demand for highly qualified professionals in the global Aerospace Sector will continue to grow in the next years.

The aerospace MBA offers students a decisive challenge and unparalleled experience through the support of valuable professionals, currently employed by leading companies in the sector and with extensive teaching background.

“Decidí apostar por el 'Aerospace MBA' de EOI pues consideré que me ayudaría a desarrollar tanto una carrera en la industria aeronáutica como las habilidades en gestión de negocio. Por suerte, un año después de finalizarlo, puedo decir que unirme a este programa ha sido una de las decisiones más acertadas de mi carrera desde que decidiese comenzar mis estudios universitarios en Ingeniería Industrial. EOI de Sevilla, tanto en sus instalaciones como en su muy comprometido personal, es la mejor plataforma donde desarrollar estas habilidades.”
Alejandro Cabeza de Vaca, Upgrades Sales Manager para aerolíneas latinoamericanas en 'Airbus Operations GMBH'


"Tras finalizar los estudios universitarios decidí valorar la opción de realizar un MBA para ajustar mi perfil a las demandas del mercado laboral. Elegí EOI y la modalidad Aerospace impartida íntegramente en inglés, por la oportunidad de inclusion directa en el sector aeronáutico y así continuar con uno de mis objetivos profesionales.
Pronto descubrí que combinar mi formación como ingeniero con la gestion empresarial, seria pieza clave para desarrollar un perfil profesional con gran proyección de futuro. Gracias al MBA he profundizado en áreas como Finanzas, Marketing, Estrategia Empresarial, Gestión de Proyectos o Business Analytics que junto con habilidades directivas y la importante red de contactos adquirida, tengo la confianza y motivación para afrontar puestos de responsabilidad o llegar a emprender mi propio negocio con seguridad.
Actualmente me encuentro desarrollando mi carrera en una empresa aeronáutica y he constatado el potencial y valor real que aporta entender cómo funcionan las organizaciones y por qué criterios se rigen.
Ismael Jiménez Pérez. Manufacturing Cost Methods Engineer en Airbus 


Carlos Suárez, Director Académico


Alberto Salguero, HO Industrial Performance & Improvement en Airbus Defence and Space


Paloma Navarro, Project Manager PMOProject & Manager PMO MI-GSO | PCUBED


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This is an in-depth training programme in which theory and practice are combined and delivered by business professionals, who introduce a realistic view of management.
The program is divided into three blocks:


MBA.01- Business Economic Environment

  • World Economic Situation
  • Concepts of Macroeconomics

MBA.02- Business Strategy & Organisation

  • Business Strategy: Introduction
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Tecniques and Tools for Strategy Decision Making
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Structure and Organization

MBA.03- Corporate Finance & Management Control

  • Introduction to Finance (online hours)
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Cost Analysis
  • Finantial Perspective
  • Time Value of money
  • Financial Statements Forecasts
  • The Company Valuation
  • Leasing
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Analysis
  • Advanced Finantial Tools

MBA.04- Commercial & Maketing Management

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Product and Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Branding and Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • e-commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Commercial Management
  • International Marketing
  • Channel Strategy

MBA.05- Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation I
  • Digital transformation II
  • Big Data and Business Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Industry 4.0.
  • Cloud and Security
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Future trends
  • Business Game (online hours)
  • Project Management

MBA.06- Human Resources & Mangement Skills

  • Innovation in Organisation Culture
  • HHRR Management and Administration
  • Team Work
  • Effective Presentations
  • Professional Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Change Management 

MBA.07- Operations

  • Operations Overview
  • Operations Key Functions
  • Industrial Organizations Control
  • Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence
  • Practical Case

MBA.08- Business Desing & Lean Startup

  • Business Models Design and LeanStartup
  • Aerospace MBA Project


A.S.01- The Aerospace Industry

  • Introduction to the Aerospace Industry
  • Commercial Aeronautics
  • Defense Aeronautics
  • Space
  • Drones and Urban Air Mobility
  • Engines and equipment

A.S.02- Aerospace Operations

  • Program Management
  • Design&Development Engineering
  • Aircraft Configuration Management
  • ERP Systems
  • Production Engineering and Industrial Development
  • Production Systems and Lean Manufacturing
  • Productive Process Technologies
  • Quality Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing

A.S.03- Aerospace Custumer Services

  • After Sales
  • Service Engineering Support
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

A.S.04- Aerospace Marketing and Business Development

  • Management of Strategic Alliances (Alliances and Partnership)
  • The Marketing of Aerospace Products and Services
  • Aerospaces Sales Operations

A.S.05- The Commercial Aviation Network

  • Airport Management
  • Air Navigation Services


  • As part of your training, you will carry out a Master Project in group that will be presented to a court of investors and business advisors. This project will allow you to put into practice all the knowledge of the MBA and apply them to a real business plan through the methodology 'Lean Startup' of entrepreneurship.
  • Throughout the MBA, and especially with the final project, you will encourage your ability to make decisions and expose your arguments in a clear and structured manner. You will also learn to work in teams and meet different milestones in the established deadlines.


We complete your training with the program EOI+, a set of activities throughout the Master that will take your training beyond technical expertise. This is a commitment by EOI to train the best professionals holistically, with skills and values of our time.

EOI Launchpad [+ info ]

Through EOI Venture Launchpad you will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive entrepreneurship program that lets you implement a new project at the end of the Master. You will be able to develop entrepreneurial skills that are essential in any organization such as initiative, creativity and passion.

EOI Leader+ [+ info ]

Leading, decision making, communicating, presenting, negotiating... These are all essential skills for any professional. With the EOI Leader+ program you can train and develop these skills in a practical way throughout the Master.

EOI [+ info ]

Through EOI students voluntarily select a social initiative they can collaborate in as a group while studying the Master. This is a way to learn by helping others.

EOI Digit-all [+ info ]

We live in a digital world that is changing society and the way companies perform their activities. Through the EOI Digit-all program you will delve into the basic fundamentals of the digital environment where organizations live and which all professionals should know.


The academic program offers an interdisciplinary selection of courses taught in English with a global perspective by teaching staff with extensive international experience, to offer you a full vision of the world.

Daily sessions are led by outstanding teachers with a solid professional background bringing both theory and practice together into the classroom through the case-study methodology. Our professors are expert facilitators who believe in participatory learning, fostering engagement, dialogue and discussion among the students.

Furthermore, EOI offers a pool of conferences and sessions with prominent business professionals, institutional leaders and outstanding members of the community to discuss and share their experiences on the global scene.

Carlos Damián

Member of the Board of Directors - Skydweller Aero

Perfil en LinkedIN


Vicepresident Procurement Equipment & Systems

Airbus Group

Perfil en LinkedIN


Chief Exponential Officer - Oppino

LinkedIN profile


A400 Customer Services - Head of Business Management & Global Support Programme

Airbus Group

LinkedIN profile

Cristobal Cantos

Consultant - Oasys Consultores

LinkedIN profile


Former VP Strategy & Public Affairs - Airbus



Vice President Marketing Strategy, Planning & Support

Airbus Group

LinkedIN profile

José Luis

A400M Chief Engineer

Airbus Group

LinkedIN profile

José María

Head of Marketing - Telefónica España​

LinkedIN profile


CEO – Kolokium 

Perfil en LinkedIN


Professor of Finance - Ph.D. in Financial Economics

LinkedIN profile

Maria Luisa Garcia
María Luisa

President - AABAN (Asociación Andaluza Business Angels Network)

LinkedIN profile

Pedro Luis

Member of the steering committee

Ipsen Pharma

LinkedIN profile


Standarization and Strategy at Airbus Defence & Space Training Centre

Airbus Group

LinkedIN profile

de los Ríos

CEO - Líderes y Digitales

Perfil en LinkedIN 


Former Advisor - World

LinkedIN profile


PMP (Project Management Professional)

Perfil en LinkedIn

Juan Carlos

Former global partner and managing director - Accenture

Perfil en LinkedIN


Business Development & Portfolio Manager - Airbus

Perfil en LinkedIn


Facilitador de equipos, coach organizacional, consultor estratégica de gestión de seres humanos

Perfil en LinkedIN


Head of Engineering. Defence Business Unit - ITP Aero

Perfil en LinkedIN


Managing Partner - Digital Transformation Advisors SL

Perfil en LinkedIN

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