Ana Hernández-Ros Otamendi

Mergers & Acquisitions; Training and M&A Services - Ernst & Young

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Licenciada en CCEE y Empresariales- CUNEF.

Directora de formación - AMBERS & Co.

Consultora Financiera independiente.

Ex Vice-Presidenta del Departamento de Fusiones y Adquisiciones - SG.

Ex Analista financiero del European Advisory Group -Goldman Sachs.

Ana Hernández-Ros Otamendi is the manager for Ambers&Co's Training Department.

Ana is also an independent Financial Consultant and collaborates with Ambers&Co in company valuation processes and in m&a transactions.

Mrs. Hernández-Ros has over ten year's experience in investment banking, having been Vice President of Société Gènerale's Merger & Acquisitions Department and previously a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs International.

Ana has a degree in Business Administration from the Centro Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF) and has studies from the Executive Program at the Kellog Graduate School of Management (Northwestern U.), Chicago.