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Training Programme “English for Results”

Training Programme “English for Results”
Datos básicos

EOI’s alumni community’s year-round training programme proudly presents a new series of workshops, to be carried out under a full english programme, which will provide direct application opportunities within specific professional scenarios which demand individual’s best performance when communicating in english.

Led by

Mario Wensell

Throughout these workshops:

  • Clear starting point objectives will be established for each scene.
  • Arena characteristics and features will be identified, described and assessed.
  • Communication alternatives as a “B” plan will be dealt with.
  • All Communication actions will be satisfactorily completed, thus achieving the starting-point objectives.

English for results will enable you to:

  • Broaden your range of English language Communicative skills.
  • Identify and asses most types of sceneries on which such Communications usually takes place.
  • Develop new communicative skills in English language and apply them accordingly no matter what kind of stage you find yourself in.
  • Get used to thinking in English when facing any situation in a natural way, leaving behind –for good- the usual translation stage which takes place between both languages.
  • Expand your knowledge about phrasing, gambits, protocols and adequate formalisms best suited to your professional scenes, hence avoiding ground loss in your negotiations.
  • Improve your Communications skills in every channel: spoken, written, presence, body-language, ...



  • Dealing with difficult demanding customers (November, 12th and 13th)
  • E-mail masterpieces (December, 10th and 11th)


  • Understanding headlines on the press an on Internet, (February, 4th and 5th)
  • Phone conversations (February, 18th and 19th)
  • Estimating the level of formality: e-mails, meetings, on the phone (March, 4th and 5th)
  • Saying "no" (April, 1st and 2nd)
  • Use your persuasion techniques in English (May, 6th and 7th)
  • Presenting with figures (May, 20thand 21th)
  • Proposing (June, 3th and 4th)
  • Requesting: from firs request to urgent demands (June, 17th and 18th)

Attendee requirements:

In order to be able to take part in any of the "English for Results" workshops, it is deeply advisable that candidates have sound knowledge of English language which allows them to establish and keep up a "small talk" type conversation in which both social and professional issues are seamlessly blended. Proven capacity in this aspect will truly ensure individuals will make the most of the chosen Workshops.
"English for Results" is aimed at providing a qualitative mile-stone towards that longed-for professional performance when using English Communications skills.
All Workshops are designed to help individuals and organizations who may very well have –and use- appropriate English Communications skills, and nevertheless wish to reinforce key aspects with which to face day-to-day situations at work, find the most adequate vocabulary options, avoid frequent mistakes derived from cross-cultural ignorance, as well as mastering the use of the most fitting gambits and phrases when doing business.

About Mario Wensell

Mario received education at the London College of Advanced Studies and University of Greenwich to obtain the DOTE (Diploma of Overseas Teacher of English), accredited by the Cambridge University. He has dedicated the last 23 years to successfully help non-native English speaking individuals, teams and organizations to improve their communication skills in English. This long term project not only includes teaching English as a language but also includes many cross-cultural, business, and social issues which are all necessary when communicating abroad.
His practice has taken him to partner up with successful trading and business organizations both in the UK and Spain as a free-lance communications consultant and advisor in the Technology, Audiovisual, Trading, Railway, Public Relations, Human Resources Consultancy, Marketing and Communication sectors, delivering at presentations, negotiations, trade shows, internal issues, crisis situations, contingency planning, and recruiting processes.

Registration fees

  1 workshop 2-3 workshop 4 or more workshop
General 260 210 200
Alumni 208 168 160
Club EOI members 130 105 100


Information and registration: formacioncontinua@eoi.es / 91 202 95 11

Where and when

Campus Madrid in the University District. Gregorio del Amo, 6
Martes, Octubre 26, 2010 -
18:00 to 20:00