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Midway. Atrapados a medio camino

Midway. Atrapados a medio camino
Crisis económica, crisis sistémica y crisis cultural. Peligro, oportunidad y soluciones radicales.
Datos básicos

Conferencia en la que Manuel Maqueda nos cuenta su experiencia emprendedora en Silicon Valley y nos habla de su visión particular del mundo, que ha obtenido a lo largo de su periplo vital.


Manuel Maqueda,
I was born in Spain and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area (California.)

I hold a graduate degree in Macroeconomics, with a specialty in International Economic Development, and a Law degree, with a focus in environmental and private law. Both are from colleges in Madrid. I also studied French language and civilization at the Sorbonne, in Paris.

I am very concerned and hurt by the environmental destruction around us, and by the suicidal direction our culture is headed. The environmental and health problems we are experiencing are just like the first raindrops that precede a downpour. Our culture seems unable to fix the harm, and preventing it seems even harder, almost impossible. Are we activists or re-activists? How do we change a culture from within?

I study emerging and future environmental problems -such as plastic pollution- as an exercise to try and answer these and other questions. My involvement in this subject is very intense. It probably deserves its own website, but I like this work to be in stealth mode… for now.

I consult for social media companies and start-ups. I am a partner (and formerly the VP of Community and Strategy) at BlooSee.com, a mobile and web site harnessing the best ocean information and making it accesible and useful.

I have experience as a reporter, a speaker, a trainer, and a op-ed writer on citizen media and the transformations in journalism.

I am the director for the Americas of PeriodismoCiudadano.com, the leading news source and resource on citizen journalism, and the founder of Nuestra Voz, a nonprofit organization helping Spanish speakers participate in the online conversation.

I used to blog, tweet, and all that, but now I’m too busy reading everybody else’s stuff. I definitely need to clone myself!

Where and when

Campus EOI Madrid. Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6. 28040 Madrid
Jueves, Mayo 10, 2012 -
18:30 to 20:30