How Companies manage their employees in China?


The Human Resources in China are seen from quite a different perspective if we compare it to Western Countries. Companies in China look for candidates differently depending on the position they may be interested to cover.

For low qualified jobs they look among crowds of Chinese people who are competing to leave their home towns in the rural areas to join this companies, having to relocate in the big cities where factories are situated. For them it is actually a great opportunity, since there are no other options to make a living there.

Nevertheless this positive sensations doesn’t last for too long since the conditions in those hand labor jobs are in many cases exceeding the legal regulations stated by the government (As for instance having more than forty working hours per week, living conditions, etc…), psychologically there are also issues regarding the fact that many persons cannot afford visiting their families very often, either due to their contract conditions or their economic situation.

All these factors have to be taken into consideration when we analyze the turnover rate of personnel in these positions, which is very high mainly because at the end of the lunar year cycle this people go back home to celebrate the New Year , leaving the company afterwards in order to find jobs closer to their relatives.

However, this trend has started to change with the introduction of the automation in many production lines, replacing the hand labor jobs with efficient and sophisticated machines. And this fact is going to change how China uses his personnel in the years to come, switching the hand labor factory jobs for more Service or customer oriented positions.

On the other hand, more specialized or managerial jobs are generally covered by Professionals coming from Europe or USA, although there are Chinese as well. First these “expats” come to China to work with different periodicities, for short or long term periods, depending on their ability to cope with the Chinese culture, economic Conditions, State of their career or other personal matters. Their ambition is to invest some time in China and take their careers to the next level, but sometimes they find out that they actually like China, and they decide to stay.

For the second group, the Chinese experts, their mindsets are focused on feeling comfortable in the companies they belong to. In China, people don’t give their opinion publicly and they lack the ability to communicate effectively with a team mates, they are also described as people with low proactivity, mainly because Universities in china are not very demanding and they need to secure their knowledge in order to become more autonomous; this are some of the reasons why for many foreign companies in China is so difficult to manage Chinese employees and why many Chinese employees are starting to prefer joining national companies as those ones get along better, maybe this trend will stop in the future when China may  become more internationally standardized in business terms.



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