Climate Change: GHG Emissions in Malaysia

According to Malaysia’s Second National Communication to the UNFCC (also known as NC2), Malaysia’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in 2000 amounts to 222,99 Mt CO2 eq. This is a 55% increase compared to the emissions recorded in the First National Communication (INC) of 1994. However, the report indicates that Malaysia is a net sink due to a removal of 249,78 Mt CO2 eq, which was recorded from Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF). Hence, after accounting for the removal, Malaysia’s net emission based on the expanded calculation is actually -26.79 Mt CO2 eq.

Source: Malaysia Second National Communication to the UNFCC

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions amounted to about 75% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in 2000, which has increased compared to 69% that was reported from INC in 1994. A large portion of Malaysia’s GHG emissions (66%) comes from the Energy sector, which is dominated by the power and auto producers that use fuel in their business activities. While emissions from the Energy, LULUCF, and Waste sectors have increased, the emissions from the Agriculture sector have decreased slightly, due to a change in assumptions and guidelines.

Source: Malaysia Second National Communication to the UNFCC

In analysing the NC2 report, and taking into consideration the fact that Malaysia is rapidly developing, it can be assumed that GHG emissions are most likely to increase in the future. However, the Government has prepared mitigation plans, which includes reducing GHG emission intensity of GDP by up to 40% of 2005 levels by 2020 (as announced by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister at Copenhagen during COP15). Hence, there is still hope for the country to keep its rate of GHG emissions under control if policies are implemented successfully, for Malaysia to reach the goals of its Vision 2020 in a sustainable manner.

Source: Malaysia Second National Communication to the UNFCC

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