Earlier today, my colleagues and I each received a Samsung Galaxy Tab from EOI! 😀

We were so intrigued with our new device that we wasted no time in taking it out of its box to explore the look and feel of its internal operating system and external features.

So there I was, sitting in the classroom with my iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy Tab all laid out on the desk infront of me. I was literally surrounded by smart technology!

me & my new Galaxy Tab! 😉 (taken from my iPhone)

Before the tablets were distributed to us in class, we were given a brief talk in the auditorium on M-learning A.K.A. mobile learning. Although a major part of the talk was delivered in Spanish, I was able to understand the main points that the speakers were trying to convey.

It really made me think of how the use of mobile technology has changed the way I function and live my life in recent years.

Certainly, M-learning is nothing new to me, and to a lot of Malaysians at this point of our nation’s rapid stage of development. In Kuala Lumpur, for example, one can witness people young and old – business men and women, academics, civil servants, students, teens – using various brands of smartphones and tablets, on cars and public transportation and at the airport, offices, universities, cafes, malls, etc. It seems as though everyone is always connected, even when we’re on the go, and that there is no excuse for ignorance since access to information is readily available at the touch or tap of our fingertips.

At my last place of employment, I worked at a government agency in a department that specifically focused on developing the skills and knowledge of our country’s ICT talent pool. Thus, I was always in the presence of those carrying tablets, smartphones, and laptops with the latest software programmes to meetings, discussions, and conferences. I was also exposed to the most visually eye-catching and creative Powerpoint presentations, and often overheard my superiors rave over the latest tech updates and insider stories on upcoming gadgets from industry partners. I remembered attending a meeting at a university and finding out that there were many students who went to class without textbooks, but instead with digital books that they downloaded onto their respective tablets.

Although I still love the feel and smell of a binded book in my hand, I am at the same time amazed at how fast our societies are picking up this concept of mobile living and learning, and embracing the introduction of new forms of technologies in our lives. Before I left for Spain, 3D television was beginning to catch on in my country, and now I wonder if our future generation would gain their education in a 3D-enabled classroom. 🙂

At the moment, I am absolutely thrilled with my new tablet because it has a front and back camera, the resolution seems to be very sharp, and the touch sensor is also quite precise. I have yet to explore its apps and other features, and am trying my best to manage all the smart devices I have with me here. My only concern, of course, is making sure that they all stay fully charged!


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