DP: The Face of Development

It’s already November, which means that 2012 is just around the corner. How time flies! In the past few weeks, I have been busy attending classes at EOI and working on group projects and presentations as well as other assignments. But no matter how arduous our schedule gets, I am enjoying the process of learning and developing my knowledge on important global issues that I believe affects us all.

Last week, we learned about the theories of development and took a deep look into what development means to each and every one of us. From students to experts to pioneers of development, there seems to be many perspectives on what it is and how it should look like. We realise that the idea of development is subjective, in the sense that it differs depending on where one comes from, one’s ethnic and cultural background, economic and social status, religion and ideology, and even gender. It also varies based on one’s life encounters and interactions with the rest of the world.

So what does the “face” of development look like?









Is it displayed through the erection of tall, skyscrapers? Is it having the freedom of suffrage? It is internet access through high-speed fibre optic broadband?

Is it seen in food and water? Is it biodiversity and the survival of plant and animal species? Or maybe is it apparent in the number of women representatives in parliament?








What I think we can agree upon is that development occurs in stages. I believe that it is an evolutionary process that requires time and an amount of nurturing, and that it is ever-changing, according to the visions of the society that may shift from time to time.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed both positive and negative consequences of development around the globe. It has made some people rich, while others remain below the poverty line, it has given way to modern infrastructure and transportation that make our lives more convenient, while also contributing to air and water pollution that are the essentials of our survival.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, they say, but I believe that whatever the “face” of development may look like to each of us, we will ultimately see ourselves in its complexion and while we strive for it, we should keep in mind on whether it is truly expressing what we want and expect ourselves to be in the future.

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DP: The Face of Development

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DP: The Face of Development

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