Project Management: “Create a video clip for a band”

Regardless of the area in which a project unfolds, there will always be a need for organization and control over resources, the tasks to be performed, the quality and the team to ensure a good result. All these aspects depend on the type of production that takes place, its size and budget, and it is customary to follow a hierarchical structure on the job, the head being the artistic director, the top leader Producer and responsible for each team the Head of Department. However, it is teamwork and collaboration is necessary to enable all good production.

The next workshop aims to describe and understand the importance of good organization throughout a project.


1. Describe the project objectives.

Create a video clip for a band based on a plan developed prior recording technically defined consistently and aesthetic aspects that complement the theme song to the public in order to convey the desired message.

2. Their deliverables.

Recorded material: file with the final video format, including video and teaser, edited and ready to be used in different social media available to the band.

3. The budget cost.

A budget that hovers around 4,000,000, which is estimated to be completed during the course of production depending on the extra expenses that arise along this was handled.

4. The estimated time.

Approximately 8 months, counting Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. The latter is the longest, and that should put all the pieces in a sequence that is consistent and makes sense, not to exceed the estimated time limit.

5. Where is the project located in the project life cycle?

The project is among of the Execution and Delivery (Post-production), as it is the time where the advance of assembling and editing the video clip shown to analyze with the client.

6. Was the program of activities established?

Yes, you must have defined the phases of work long before you start, first the research process develops, then the Pre-production where technical script, the shooting schedule, technical and human resources is constructed; Production that would be the start of filming as such, and finally the Post Production where it joins all the recorded material and editing.

7. Who and how will be monitored the progress?

Actually there are several specific people responsible for overseeing each of the areas in an audiovisual production, but personally I think that one of the most important is the Director, because he has at his command the whole team. On the other side is the producer, we can say that it is the person who maintains complete control over the production of a film.

8. What unexpected circumstances could jeopardize the success of your project?

The exterior shots were mainly affected by climate change, and that delayed the work. There were also other concerns such as the availability of the band members as to schedules and budget is definitely a factor that had to be very aware.


Knowing the importance of learning to manage projects and worry about being active participants in them, allows us to collaborate with performing activities that are unique and unrepeatable, and enrich us with professional experience and help us develop skill. So we can use our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques more effectively for timely detection of problems that may be occurring in an organization. It teaches us to plan a good plan and schedule work, to distribute tasks to work together to optimize the use of resources and implement strategic plans. The final benefit of completing the full scope of a project with quality, on time and within budget, it means having a satisfied customer and achieves excellent work references in the middle where we move.


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