The purpose of the following lines is telling our days lived in the United States.

During our travel in Portland we are not just learning about sustainability and economic development. At the same time we are introducing ourselves within the American culture, what they usually do and how they do it.

The main reason for our trip was to participate in an International Seminar at the local University. To do that, they gave us student cards which have allowed us to feel ourselves as a part of this place.

About the University, this is a catholic and a private Institution.  In the States, cannot possible be both at the same time. As in many other countries in the world they separate the public from the religious. As in every American colleges, sports are very popular among students.  A curiosity of this place is that the team which is the most followed is the female soccer. This is not so common in our country where these kinds of teams are not too well known.

As I said above, we not only have been studying, we have also spent our time here to learn things outside the classrooms such as going to The Rous Garden Center where we enjoyed a basketball match. We had luck because it was an amazing game where Lakers won the game just for a point of different. Apart from the show, the most striking for me was how rivals sit together and the game it´s just a game, and when it finished they came home like good friends. Also, we have had the opportunity of meeting Victor Claver, a good player and a better person.

I do not want to finish these lines without speaking of the weather in Portland which is not a very good friend. It can lie to you and laugh at you when it wants. As soon the sun shines suddenly it is raining. Vivaldi was inspired by Portland to write The Four Seasons because you can find all of them in just one day here.

It is a pity but now that we are getting used to the jet lag, we have to come back home. Despite this, we will enjoy our last few days in The States.



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