Environmental and natural resource management slogans

As an interesting exercise that aims to summarize and transmit the knowledge acquired about the main threats of human activity on the environment and its biodiversity, several memorable phrases will be provided in the next weeks.

We are part of a whole which is superior to us

cc Stéphanie Barrial

About the feeling of  superiority, André Kuipers, Astronaut form the European Space Agency states in the latest report of WWF  Living Planet Report 2012 that ” Seeing Earth from space provides a unique perspective. Our planet is a beautiful and fragile place, protected only by a very thin layer of atmosphere essential for life on our planet. And seemingly large forests turned out to be small and passed by very quickly”.

2  Biodiversity: fragile link between the resilience of the environment and the assurance of provision of services

The chain is susceptible to break at any time


Biodiversity certainly plays a key role for both the environment and humans. As stated by WWF report ” All human activities make use of ecosystem services – but can also put pressure on the biodiversity that supports these systems.” This activities include provision for food, timber, fibre, medicines, and cultural services among others.

However biodiversity serves also for regulating services of the environment such as climate, removal of pollutants and waste decomposition, water filtration etc. So if the balance of biodiversity its altered,  the resilience of the environment will be affected and with it the ability to obtain supplies for human consumption threatened.

Furthermore The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), a global initiative focused on drawing attention to the economic benefits of biodiversity, present in their Ecological and Economic Foundation Report an outline of the relationship between the environment, biodiversity and human well being, describing each of the elements as functions, services, benefits and value (economic). It is worth-nothing the introduction of institutions and human judgment as key elements for making decisions about the use and management of resources and thus the maintenance or restoration of the environment and biodiversity.


“The pathway from ecosystem structure and processes to human well being”    cc http://www.teebweb.org


3  Pollutants and Waste: Its severity and irreversible impact on our ecosystem

4 Natural Resource Management is about social choices!

5 Ensure environmental and social progress through certified products… Make a choice!

6  A certification system is a step to assure sustainability

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