The Great Experience



I would like to say it has been one of the best experiences of my life.
China was not in my top list places to know, however the travel changed my mind.
I would like to highlight the most significant things that caught my attention such as the culture, buildings, conferences and so on.

First of all, the culture is very interesting. In addition, I found really significant how they usually manage their life in crazy situations like traffic jump, in the subway, business, etc..

Secondly, talking about buildings I would like to say that there are two parts, the new one where the financial city is and the another one integrated by the traditional Chinese houses which you can see in movies

In addition, conferences were pretty interesting as we learnt how marketing and human resources work,and how difficult is to run a business in China

According to the visits to companies, I enjoyed the most NEOBAY which is a startup accelerator. They explained us the different projects they worked with.

One of the most useful thing was networking. I mean, at the end of the stay we had the chance to speak with people who decided to leave their previous jobs and start a new life in Asia.
I could meet people very interesting who gave me a new global vision being an entrepreneur in China.

Other one of the things that more I have liked was the stress of weekend that we did to Beijin, it was intense but full of good moments, very entertaining, where we could visit a marvel of the world, the big wall, which ascent was complicated, but we manage to come almost to the highest thing. Also we knew the Olympic town where the Olympic games were celebrated in 2008, it was impressive.

On the other hand, I would like to thank everybody who did possible this unforgettable trip such as EOI people and colleagues who became friends after this experience.

There is no doubt, I stronglt recommend this experience to everybody who is looking for a new challenge.
Best Regards

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