HR Management Labour Market & Expatriation in China

Hello everyone! I will tell you what caught me the most in the class dedicated to human resources and the labor market in China.

First of all, to understand human resources in China you have to see two perspectives: the employer and the employee.

On one hand, it is necessary to emphasize that in China there is a wide demand of jobs with workers who gain low wages. On the other hand, they offer jobs dedicated to high ranks looking for excellence and new talents, these are rewarded with high salaries and it has been this way because there is shortage of managers and executives. In fact, the vast majority of hires are foreigners because they cannot find people to cover those positions among the locals.

To choose where he wants to work, the candidate has to study the multiple factors around him and how they impact on his daily life. For example, the environment is a critical point, for a foreigner it would be quite difficult to live in Beijing due to the massive pollution. Moreover, it’s of vital importance being able to adapt to their culture as soon as possible (They say it usually takes at least 6 months to start adapting to the local culture).

If the candidate is occidental and qualified, he will have a faster career growth than if he is eastern. In addition, the candidate, rather than the salary, is very concern with the values and social position of the company and its impact on the society and he looks for his family more than for themselves individually.


In contrast, companies prefer to hire men than women, for example on occasions there are job advertisements where you can read “preferred men” because they think that a married woman is less productive than a single one.

In addition, companies stipulate non-competition agreements with employees who have confidential information referred to the own company, they pay an economic compensation to the employee so he does not go to a competitor company.

In conclusion, in China it is imperative to understand and comprehend the culture and know how to adapt to the way of acting of both the companies and the candidates. Also if you want to work there you need a wide network of contacts, and/or recommendation letters, otherwise forget about a company call.

To sum up, if you want to work in China, get ready a good network of contacts and work hard!

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