HR Management, Labour Market & Expatriation in China

China has a diversity of job opportunities for people seeking professional growth due to the breadth of its labor market and because it is becoming a global power.

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On the one hand, Chinese companies invest in human resources and provide good working. However, some studies say that Chinese workers are the most stressed out in Asia and many industries suffered form high rates of turnover and the growing impact of labor unions. One of the sources of stress for workers are high prices of apartments and being away from his hometown and family. In addition, many companies prefer to hire men since women, because they take a long license when they are pregnant. All of this, creates psychological problems for workers such as irritability, confusion, aggravation and depression.
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Despite this, Chinese workers are very competent and work many hours per day. They seek bold challenges, because the greater the challenge greater are the benefits that can be harvested.
In my opinion, China is a good place to work and grow professionally despite the difficulties. You just need to know the language and adapt to cultural differences. China has many job opportunities and will continue to grow. If you are a young person and you are willing to deal with the sources of stress it is your opportunity to achieve professional growth.
Resultado de imagen de china potencia mundial

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