Effectiveness of Renewable Energy to Reduce Emission


The purpose of the European Union is to get 20% of its energy from renewables by 2020 either by Biomass, geothermal energy, tidal power, solar,hydro-electric or wind. Increase of renewables  energy will make the European Union reduce their dependency on imported oil and also cut down on green house emissions which in doing so will help boost the renewables industry, create jobs for members states and also promote innovation.

Many scientists now agree that climate change is caused by an increase of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere. The emergence of climate change as a critical energy and environmental policy issue has also serious awareness that ignition of green house gas emitting fuels necessitate risk for the planet.

Recent incidents and events around the world have once again put energy security and most especially oil import dependence countries on top of alert on what option they should look out for. Renewable can be a solution to either displacing oil use in transportation or reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission per litre of fuel consumed.

Recent improvement in technology and policy will allow renewable energy and energy efficiency to play a key role in helping world energy demand while assisting in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable energy have rapidly scale new height not only that but they can achieve far greater emissions reductions.

Efficiency and renewable goes hand in hand and it a key ingredient which we can use to address pressing challenges that the world faces today. Being it political will or effective policies can get the world back on track to help mitigate climate change in the near term while meeting rising world demand for energy for either developed or undeveloped countries in terms of price, reducing energy security concern, human health and improving the natural environment.

Moving towards sustainable energy system will require strong political will and sustained policies but can such retirement be accomplished on time looking at the danger of the climate change?

For the world to shun from any catastrophic climate change and an insecure economic future, the transition already under way must pick up the pace. Success stories must be scaled up, and approaches or better strategies must be shared across national boundaries.

Since rules and policies are meant to ensure the smooth operation of every sector research has also shown that policies are more successful if they well implemented. Consistency of every policy is critical for guarantying permanent market growth and also helping in reducing the risk in investing new technology and it also make it easy for obtaining capital for financing the project. In doing so I believe that consistence in policies which include a package of policy mechanism on the side of the government will help in achieving this goal since other government around the world have achieved it. If elimination of fossil fuel subsidies can not solve the issue can we look at the below option

Put a price on carbon that increases over time, the best way to do this is to increase the price of fossil fuel more frequently which will help in the smooth operation of the process or another way is to set a cap trade strategy. A good example is what the Demark did in the early 1990s, which up to date has really helped them achieve their target in this sector.







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