Re- Possible Business Etiquettes in China.


My earlier post and expectations all disappeared when I got to China. What a great positive shock. Indeed you need to live in a place before you can comment or say something about it. The large size of their beautiful airport, the high skyscrapers, modern super market, new efficient train stations and lovely traditional gardens are the woa memories I have about both Shanghai and Beijing. Even though my trip was very short these are the things that I learnt at Jiao Tong University and the companies I visited in China.

Joint Venture: The best way to known and also grow as a business is through joint venture if you are small or even a big company since that is very easy for you to penetrate through the market, and saves you a lot of hassle with the registration of your company

Marketing It is very important for you to research into the Chinese market before you start selling to them. The first thing you need to do is to adapt to their needs and wants, and know what scope of the market you want to cover since it is a very big market and their taste for foreign quality brands is high. 

Guanxi : It more then connections, It about creating a long term good relationship with your Chinese partner so that they can opens door for you in terms of need and you can not get Guanxi in a day, you need to develop contacts, attend social gatherings and be kind to them, be it festivals or not. The higher your Guanaxi the higher your business opportunities, access to key information and smooth operation of your business.

Mianzi. It represents your image, reputation, prestige either within the society, work place or among your friends. You can gain face if you drive expense car or give out expense gifts to your friend since luxury goods are all connected to face. You can also gain face if you able to accomplish something through your personal contacts that others cannot accomplish through their contacts, Another amazing factor which is very important for you is never to do is talk about your business partners either in the public or private places since this can make you lose face and it can cause harm to your business or your relationship with other people as well.

Trust – It is very difficult for a Chinese person to open up to you if they do not know much about you, they study people for a very long time before they can open up to them. As public companies are different from private companies so I was not that surprise when we invited Baosteel the “World’s Most Admired Company”. According to Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, 116,702 employees, a company that enjoys the highest credit rating in the global iron and steel industry yet information was very difficulty to be accessed and in all this process what kept coming to my mind is they do not know much about us before they can be comfortable to relay information to us.

Counterfeits: Trademark and product counterfeits is a major problem for many foreign brands and local brand as well. Many brands yearly losses billions of dollars and it also cause serious harm to their reputations of brand due to this problem but there is a lot of pressure from internally and international community to put stop to this problem the good news is that there is a law out to put stop to this it but since part implementation is not easy I do not think counterfeits is over in China.

It was a great experience in terms of cultural diversity and learning, to sum it all China is not a country is a continents with great positive and dangerous oppournities at the same time.


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