The awakening of the sleeping giant

Legend says that Napoleon pointed out China on a map and said:“There lies a sleeping giant. Let him sleep. Cause when he wakes, he will move the world.

Finally, Napoleon wasn´t so far from the reality. For many years China was known as the Asleep Giant, for western was just a Giant Asleep Baby. But nowadays it´s like a grumpy giant teenager. Actually is not anymore a place of just massive production but the place where companies born and grow up.

Beyond this few general data for me is a total stranger. So what a better way of getting to know how to do business in China than going there and experience it first hand.

First of all, I have very clear that you can not go there and do business like if you were in the West. China is another culture and as such also has other ways of doing business. During the years I have heard several anecdotes and stereotypes about the Chinese business customs. One of the most important is that you need to find a local partner who can not only help you with the language barrier, but who can also link you up with important contacts and assists you while dealing with the jungle of local regulations. Another one is that there is greater respect for the hierarchy.  This links directly with the issue of education and respect, basic for business but much more in the Asian societies. They pay special attention to non-verbal language. For example presentations, where you must exchange business cards by holding them with both hands and bowing.

Overall, I think the most important concept to take into consideration, if you hope to form business relations, is to be observant and adaptative.

So that´s why we are going to fly for 24 hours to see how this Giant moves and learn how to dance with him.



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Bienvenido a mi blog(“por si alguno no había entendido el titulo”).Lo primero de todo y como gesto de educación una pequeña presentación :

Iñigo Preciado Erro,un ser (“algunas veces”) humano de 27 años (“uyyyy que mayor, si has pensado eso mejor no te contesto”:( o ” uyyyy que joven, tú me caes mejor” ;)). De estudios, Ingeniero Industrial, de profesión … bueno estamos “trabajando en ello” y para ello estoy en el Master de Gestión de Calidad y Excelencia Empresarial de la EOI. Así que al final del mismo espero confirmar mi evolución tanto profesional como personal.

Y con esta primera entrada comienzo mi andadura en este nuevo mundo (al menos para mi) de los Blogs. Así que estate atento que igual cuento algo interesante.

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