Social intrapreneurship as CSR solution:

The social entrepreneurship movement is focus in offer innovative solutions for the global problems that affect to the society, offering creative products or services that create a positive impact. Since the appearance of the movement it has increased a lot the number of new enterprises that have applied the start-up model to address social issues, looking for a sustainable manner to maintain the mission of the company in the time.
Wherever, sometimes these enterprises needs a initial capital that finance the beginning of the company, its profits are reduce to maintain the activity of the company, which can drive to the owner of the company to a difficult situation due the high amount of resources needed if there is no solvency for the sustainability of the enterprise.
An innovative approach that can help to solve this issues is the social intrapreneurship, which are social entrepreneurship initiatives created inside of the company by their employees. This initiatives can take advantage from the logistic already establish of the company, which also gives some financial and marketing support.


Social Intrapreneurship.

An example of social intrapreneurship, is the one created by Graham Simpson, from the multinational GSK. While on a six-month placement in Kenya, he was struck by people dying from easily treatable diseases mainly through the lack of effective diagnosis. So he decided to develop the idea of developing cheap, yet commercial, diagnostics kits that could be used by often health workers in rural villages, sometimes far away from hospitals. GSK is now working with John Hopkins University to develop the kits.

GSK Social Intrapreneurship Iniciative.

GSK Social Intrapreneurship Iniciative.

The expected impact of the social intrapreneurship can be huge, According to an Accenture report: “More than 50% of the 100 largest economies in the world are companies. A minimal change made from the bottom up by a social intrapreneur can make a big difference for the communities reached by these same companies” (1).

If Social intrapreneurship is well managed, it can be converted in a powerful tool for the companies, getting at the same time the possibility to engaged motivated employees at the same time that can help to develop the corporate social responsibility policy of the company. With those types of initiatives, companies would contribute to the environment and society issues without affect to their economic accounts or a mayor effort by their side, which can drive them to start moving towards sustainability.



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