Asking myself where the limits were.

Social entrepreneurs are all those entrepreneurs with the capacity of detecting social or environmental problems that could be solved from a creative and innovative approach, getting to the solution with their multitasking skills. Tough work. Different from these brave people, are the “interpreneurs” being not more, not less, but different kind of change makers. What interpreneurs do is basically practice entrepreneurship within large corporations.

With this new figure in my mind, and in the middle of a complex job-searching phase, I came up to wonder myself about where were the limits between doing a genuine work versus doing a green washing work when making correct social-environmental actions at one of those large companies that produce more negative impacts than positive ones.

Although the communication of the corporation’s ethical actions to investors, final consumers and any other stakeholder is done through the Sustainability Report, sometimes is difficult to truly believe and see if the company is doing the right thing. So, when I imagined myself working in that side of the coin, more and more doubts kept coming to my mind… How people would perceive it? Are this works enough? What weights more?

I do not have all those answers. Nevertheless, with some help of my mentor in this subjects, I arrived to one that I´d like to share: the main driver to get the personal values, achieve the company´s goals and comply the stakeholder´s expectations probably is doing what we love the most: Doing the right thing.

Being empathic, innovative, passionate.

Detecting urgent problems, using the capability of the company, and solving them with our capacities.

Being the example for the others.

Doing what is the best for the society and the environment.

Being and inspiration for our circle of influence.

Being sustainable.

Being a change-maker.

And last but not least…

If we want to change the world, we will have to be surrounded with others that want to change the world too. Because change IS possible, and older IMSDs have shown it.

So, my advice to me and to the others is: Just be the change we want to see in the world (Ghandi).

I´m sure we will make it.



Best regards!


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