The good will hunting of social media campaigns

Today people spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Through these social networks, anyone could interact with friends that do not see long time ago, write letters, post family and wedding pictures, visit the profile of someone you like and, of course, look for information every day.

The main characteristics of social networks is that participants establish a lot of confidence, there is mutual support and reciprocity, as well as informal communication; there is no hierarchy and people share information considered privileged or from a common perspective. And if we look them from the corporate side, social networks facilitate teamworks, increase the flow of communications, knowledge and positive interdependence among employees.







But are social entrepreneurs are really taking the best advantage of social networks to let others know their causes or spread innovation around the world? Rather than having a national coverage scope, I think that massive social network philanthropy causes are very limited and counted with fingers.

Anyway, I think that the Pepsi Refresh Project is a good example of how to use social networks to mobilize specific philanthropy and make easy for others to contribute to a social cause. Beyond the criticisms of the competitors, I share the idea that the Pepsi Refresh Project legitimized the concept of the “crowdsourcing” model and encourage people to “think about philanthropy and the endless possibilities that are out there to help their communities”[1]. In other words, the campaign empowered people to think about what they can do together. And in terms of social media metrics, the Pepsi Refresh Project also achieved over 80 million votes; almost 3.5 million “likes” on the Pepsi Facebook page and almost 60,000 Twitter followers. At last, Pepsi also demonstrated other organizations that a well-managed social media marketing campaign can leave a larger and longer-term footprint to find donors for specific causes.







Of course, in this matter everything depends on the web tools that someone uses and to figure out which work better for the type of social enterprise that is willing to push. As I found in some article, “the success of your organization largely depends on the way you interact with your donors, and what tools you make available for your contributors to promote your organization for you. And the more we allow our friends to feel like they are contributing, the more they are willing to spread the message, since people want to be a part of something that is good[2].

Therefore, it is important to try to engage followers and to make social initiatives something tangible and where others feel familiar with. Perhaps through resources like, links to interesting websites, blogs, newsletter, annual report and interactive presentations.

For social networks campaigns, it is important to have a community manager who thinks how much more a good cause can become more powered by blogs or YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Except for Mark Zuckerberg, I really think that not even the most powerful CEO’s in the world know how to make the biggest impact online (because they are concentrated in their own business). So it is important to have people who specialize in the matter.








Finally, it is important to measure your efforts and have a detailed reporting of how many people visit your network or support your cause. It is important to measure the effectiveness of messages ant to have specific statistics to optimize your posts and interactions with visitors as time runs out. The reason is simple: when social media is intelligently used, the opportunities to make a social difference will increase.



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