Let´s take a break

This course is in its evolving stage, there already are learning experiences, cooperation between partakers and after the second residential week in Madrid, we are able to draw some conclusions.

First of all, congratulate ourselves for giving the chance of providing a course of this nature. In second place, state the path towards making this initiative fully useful to the attendants in their challenge managing “Campus de Excelencia Internacional”.  In other words, we have started but there are many lessons to be gathered for future editions.

There are some things crystal clear for me, and to be discussed by all members helping us to confirm them, I summarise as follows:

1-   In greater extent, formal and theoretical lessons must be inserted with experiences lived by agents in the same developing track of new college elements.

2-   More time should be spent in participants’ own experiences. They are undoubtedly the magnificent protagonists of the change being sought, so their opinions should be known, debated and improved as a result of a broad discussion between us all.

3-    Business presence is useful in this course, if only to compare from reality, how things look from different prisms, but which necessarily have to converge.

4-   For many reasons foreign residentials are of great help and should be kept facing future editions, though the organization of this course could be modified.

These considerations along with many others related with the lessons performance, the use of digital tools, etc, sure are part of the essential final debate of this course. That training activity should be oriented to extract the best conclusions of your invaluable effort, in which people from all Spanish CEIs and those from abroad have participated. You’ve all made a team that contributed and gave us pretty different points of view.  The last exhibition session about the main progress of each CEI, was tremendously eloquent in diversity and differences in how various initiatives mature. This leads to continue that session in future meetings.

I encourage you to contribute with your point of view.

Francisco Marín, Director of Management Development Programme  for ICE

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