Where are we going?

University policy is going through a time of emergency resulting from too much stress and most of them economic resource reductions, the solution to the crisis is not to cut current transfers received University by the Government at 16%, in my opinion the way out lies in the development, attraction and retention of talent and knowledge and these pillars hardly be sustained cuts in R & D.

If this lack of resources to add several crucial aspects as the system of governance and decision making, the organization of university and research system … we face a situation of concern which are already beginning to shape the opinions favorable to the concentration of resources, reducing the overall size of the system (Draft Royal Decree establishes the basic requirements for the creation, establishment and functioning of colleges and universities and determine the minimum structure for processing. Text September 29, 2011.)


the contraction, which also involves concentration of the supply of qualifications, especially in masters and doctoral (keys in a research university).

Specialization and singling are therefore an absolute necessity that the call Campus of Excellence and the strategy 2015 behind them.

Like that, the call Campus of International Excellence was designed with some of these goals and finally after three years appears to have returned to being a “café para todos” completely distorted the concept Campus of Excellence, as everyone knows the low representation Spanish universities in the world rankings, therefore, credibility and excellence that gives you this “stamp”? Now to wait the hardness of the assessors in 2015 and if you really follow standards of excellence when it comes to qualify you really like Campus of International Excellence.
To enable increased visibility and impact of university, I think there are two key cross-cutting pillars:

– Attracting and retaining talent (which policies can be developed by doctoral and postdoctoral)

– Maximize the transfer of knowledge to the business sector.

If you really want to consolidate the CEIs, the aggregation of the CEI must be able to have a sphere of influence (referent) much larger than the one with the university or any institution that is part  of the aggregation. If it really will call Campus of Excellence was a success regardless of the “stamps” that have already been granted will have helped to transform the organizational culture of the university.


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