Which one is heavier? one kg of feather or one kg of Iron?

During the 4 months i’ve been working at the HUB Campus of the UB, i’ve been asking my self a question. How can this new brand called HUBc compete with that other super brand called University of Barcelona. The question is: how can a brand newborn, which is not yet known, which is not a specific product but a project competes with more than 500 years of history? Thinking about it at times, I remembered previous experiences.

Time ago I used to work  in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB). The PCB logo did not contain the word university in their logo but there are clearly the letters UB and the color was the university corporate one . There was a statement of intention, “we are part of the UB and that’s a strenght we have to take”.

For the campus of excellence, the concept should be similar, but in practice I see that it is not. CEIs brand has been created parallel away from the corporative image of the university for the two existing campus at UB. This, I guess, was done with the intention of placing this new brand in a different position than its “mother brand”.  HUBc as a Campus composed by the University and 23 more aggregates should stay in a different level that the University was. HUBc was Excellence and the University all the other things (please, read with ironic eyes this last sentence).

Obviously,  this does not help the penetration of the brand in the university context. While external participation is important, the concept of a campus of excellence makes sense if it is “a center of excellence within the universities and the environment” placing UNIVERSITY in the center the equation.  It is a loss too valuable forgetting that you are the oldest university in Catalonia and one of the oldest in Spain and I think this has happened in HUBc.

Luckily, things are not irreversible. Straw and iron are very different things, but one kg is always a kg. In my point of view, CEI’s brand must be so closely linked to the University  because they are the same one.

With straw or iron shape, but the same in either case.


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