A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play

This is about being young, being informed and being curious. These are the clues for a good product strategy. There are many strategies adopted by Mars to launch its ice cream products that we have to be aware of.

At first we have to think about the people that are going to consume Mars’ products because that is the   “audience” and it is interesting to focus into three questions: ‘Who are they?’ ‘What do they want?’ and ‘Where are they?’ These are the clue questions in order to make a good business strategy, and in order to Mars is the first step they have to take and to consider.

Also, the promotion of the Mars products is important, in order to communicate the use of high-quality ingredients (such as real cream and real chocolate), and that is the reason for the significant advertising support they have across Europe.

Here it is an example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNcz34eUP2A&feature=related

For a good freezer distribution Mars has considered to invest lots of money and make a huge effort in order to success in this market that is why they have long relationships with grocery trade, in order to diminished the difficulty in this sector if they want to obtain distribution for its multipack items. However, Mars Company has had problems accessing to freezer cabinets in many European markets, and this is an important disadvantage if we want to sell our products and be competitive. As a consequence of that Mars had to negotiate distribution agreements with other companies in various markets across Europe.

The main problems have been in the ice cream distribution because involves high costs and different problems that Mars have to handle with such as the transport cost because they have to sell many items in order to balance it. Also, there are many small shops around that have a sell limited number which is important to consider in order making the business strategy.

As a conclusion Mars Company said that it had made no profit on its ice cream activities up to the mid 2000s.

Mars Company, is able to make significant profits from its ice cream operation because this is an important diversified market, also the company is well-known around Europe (especially in the UK, where it is one of the most important ‘chocolate companies’ with an important influence in customers). Moreover, the ‘audience’ it is able to consume their products, and the diversified market is maybe an advantage when you have the prestige.

To sum up, in order to achieve this prestige in ice-creams Mars Company could think about new strategies in order to solve the problems with the transportation and the freezers (and associate with other companies could be interesting) because if they change this, the success of the Mars ice-creams is guaranteed in current market.

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