Management skills: Focusing on people

Management skills has not only been a great subject to start the EOI Master I’m enrolled in, but one that leaves a mark, influencing in the way of performing everyday tasks both at professional and personal levels.

If I had to summarise all that I’ve learned in these short but intense classes I would have not doubt to state that the key point is not to forget that we are always dealing with people, human beings with needs, aspirations and dreams.

Having this principle clear it’s just a matter of preparation and constant work to achieve success in almost every field. How can you give a good and effective presentation? Focusing in the audience, understanding they needs and wishes, making clear the benefits they can get for being there listening to you. Of course there are other elements that help presenting, as using the appropriate language and having the support of well design visual aids. But still the key is focusing on the people.

Same regards when it comes to negotiations: our best chances of getting a good deal lays on a cooperative approach to the discussed matter. It’s not always possible to have a positive interaction with the other part, but trying to find common ground and mutual benefits is definitively the best option.

However, the field when it becomes vital to have clear the focus-on-people principle is leadership. A good leader knows how to positive influence on its team, motivating and encouraging but also delegating and supervising. As leaders we should have our own values clear and listen to the others ones, making them compatible and an asset to the group. I know now the importance of being a good leader, as an opposite to be just a manager focused on the task, not on the people.

I would also like to underline the impact that time management theories have had on me. Maybe because it was a while since I wasn’t this busy I couldn’t deal with all my tasks as a student and as a person in a positive healthy way. From rushing every day, sleeping too little and losing toomuch time in not important things I’ve started focusing in what is really important, avoiding turning tasks into urgent matters for not having them done at the right moment and organising my time better.

Here it goes Covey’s Time Management Matrix; I hope it’d be as useful to you as it’s being to me.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize the importance this subject and its key principles have and how useful it would be to know them when rejoining my professional career. I would also like to thanks our teacher Chris Metcalfe for making the subject so interesting and the classes so active and participative. I truly believe I speak on behalf of the whole class when stating that we’d love to have at least a few more of his classes.

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