That “Monday Morning Feeling”

Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship and happy Mondays


I think we all know this Monday morning feeling, where we just don’t want to get up but rather continue to stay in our warm bed, surrounded by comfort and dreams. Dreams about a world where we can follow our passion and do something meaningful instead of gaining the only joy in life from our monthly pay check and from planning our next vacation.

You want to stop dreaming and change something in your life? First of all, it is up to you what you are doing with your life. For many years, social entrepreneurs have decided to leave their routine in order to turn their real passion into business. Into social enterprises that are driven by a strong motivation, a passion to tackle a social issue, an idea that creates social value and a solution to a real need. A business that is visionary, replicable, aims to transform and is yet financially sustainable. Somewhere in the grey area between a private company and a NGO.

You think that this is not possible, that profit must be your only goal? Well, not with the right idea and the right people. Social entrepreneurs are the people behind these businesses, but there is no definition or one face for a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are as diverse as their ideas. They can be young or experienced, starting their day with an empty stomach or with their pockets full of money, from India, the US, China, Latin America or Europe. Everyone has the chance to become a social entrepreneur and the capacity to think big.

You think this is too risky, because a social entrepreneur is working alone on an idea, which is likely to fail? To be honest, becoming a social entrepreneurs implies some risks. Many ideas come to nothing or they face financial problems. But the great thing is, that social entrepreneurs are not alone. They help each other out, share their ideas and have many possibilities to gain support from various organisations, such as Ashoka or the Schwab Foundation.

All of this still sounds too risky for you and you want to stay in your company? Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your life completely, in order to make a change. So called INTRApreneurs are people who have identified a social issue that is linked to the company’s business model in which they are working in. INTRApreneurs create a win-win situation for the company and their project. Driven by their passion, they have managed to establish a social project that not only benefits from the resources of the company, but they also give something back: Social projects can be carried out as a way of gaining competitive advantage, while earning revenues.

As you can see, there are many questions about social entrepreneurship and a lot to think about. Why don’t we start thinking about our own passion and how we can turn it into something feasible, a social enterprise that pays our bills simultaneously tackles a social issue? Let’s think big in order to turn our dreams into reality and to start our Monday mornings with a smile.


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