Values, the Triple Bottom Line in the SME’s and Corporate sector

In the next post I will do a reflection that is related to our classes of CSR in the SME’s, specifically on the importance of values in business, in companies and SME’s, and how they can be decisive in the development of this important sector and the importance of business include the concept of the triple bottom line (People, Planet and Profit) in its internal policies and business differentiator.


When we observe the behavior of companies in the last 30 years, we can see how each of them has made significant effort to generate economic wealth through their operations. Also, through the development of a corporate culture, this is done through a series of internal principles that define who we are and how we behave every day. These principles are called values, which are increasingly more important and can be a powerful differentiator that can positively affect or negative development of a business to a critical point in society.

In addition to the idea mentioned above, we should add that companies internally and externally looks to show each of these values, as elements eligible for members of the company to generate more value as well as enhance their brand within their consumer markets.  Also,  convert these efforts in trust and credibility for the company. Two intangibles those are significantly important to ensure business sustainability.

As an example of this idea you can see my previous post related to Enron and Arthur Andersen, companies who disappear of the face of the earth because the consequences of their internal practices.

At the end of the day the reason for these events has a strong connection with a massive loss of trust and credibility, if a company betrays their corporate values.

First conclusion: Winning levels of trust and credibility have a huge cost and they have an ephemeral character.

The Breaking Point

However, things are changing and changing for the better, some years ago, companies were focus on the concept of value generation considering one perspective, the economic, the results and the profit at the end of the period.

This is scheme is completely outdated, no longer fits the realities of the new world order, this is why companies have realized that they must addressed two sectors that had been neglected and now have incalculable importance, these are the environmental (planet) and social (people), and this is where the concept of the triple bottom line fits in companies, and gives the opportunity to prove that the concept of sustainability is not a utopia or an impossible. At the beginning was a market trend but not anymore. Now is a reality impossible to put aside.

Second Conclusion: the model is here to stay, is a global change

The Challenge

The importance of values lies in the ability of the individual to engage to them, live them, and believe in them, as a transformer of societies. When we extrapolate this to the company has a potentially bulking effect because it can raise awareness of the importance of these entities for integral development, or the famous “triple bottom line” that to this day is essential in order to face what is to come.

That is why we need more companies to adapt their current models to these needs; we need more examples like The Body Shop, in seventies and eighties, Interface in the nineties or Vancity in the last decade, as well as all that recent years have joined this intelligent and sustainable way of doing business, these companies started as SME’s and the become a success because their innovative models, so we have to ensure that this model can be adapted to all types of companies.

Third conclusion: I believe in this model, You believe? If you believe it, now it is the time to start making the difference.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.


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