Struggling with Undernourishment & Food Security

Continue developing my blog. I have a new post to share; it is an issue of rural development.

In the recent times many countries are being making progress in the fight against undernourishment all over the world.  We realize that according to some data published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about 900 million, 14% of the world population stills having problems linked to malnutrition, and difficulties to have proper access to food markets.  The reasons of this situation is link to problems to meet a right level of food security.

Meanwhile the situation hits different regions of the world; the actions performed to battle this situation are link to some of the millennium developed goals announced some years ago, with the goal to promote the actions against these problems.

So, the main question that we have now is. ¿Does the efforts will allow cut the amount of people who are not able to reach the of food security?

The answer of this is quite complex because we have to take into account other factors who plays a strong role in this fight.  Poverty, Inequality and Food System are other facts that make us think that the situation is pretty complicated.

So, while I was thinking to write a post on this topic, I ask myself.  What are the key actions that we should adopt to improve the situation.  So I start to do some research to understand what will the path for the next years and after reading many articles. I found an idea that in my point of view will be significantly important, if we want to enhance the food security level around the world.

First of all, if we understand that the food security and nutrition is a basic human need, we should put this in the centerpiece of the post-development agenda.  Right now The Post 2015 Framework should include the objective of the Food Security and Nutrition for everyone, considering the four pillars that make sure availability, access, use and supply stability food.

Food systems are an essential element to understand the concept of sustainability. We have to think about that we cannot surrender to the current situation.  Therefore, it is necessary an innovative approach, that guarantee and promote in a consistent and complementary way to take aboard all actions in all sectors.  The struggle focused on other topics to as extreme inequality in different regions but the important thing is to make solid actions.

If we look to the potential benefits to do so, we will find that wealth, property and natural resources can be better distributed between and within countries, with special attention to the rights and needs of most marginalized groups.

What we need to do all this? In my point of view, we should guarantee that these topics must be in the center of the Millennium Development Goals and post-2015 Development Agenda, with the idea of motivate political action need to make sure the right to food to everyone and the inequities of the global food system.

Once, we can reach a global commitment on this matter we have to think about the structure that supports all this, the food markets and the structural problems of the global food as post-harvest losses due to waste, which now account a strong margin of global food production.

Finally, I would like to point out that markets and the international food trade have a special role on to help on this matter.

The moment to enhance the regulations has come, the increase in speculation and financing of markets agricultural has to be controlled, if we want to make real improvements.

Thanks for reading…

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