ENRM: The key factor in climate change: CO2 emissions

According to the WWF Living Planet Report 2012 CO2 emissions related to the use of fossil fuels has reached its highest level ever.

In recent years, we have been listening with great concern a wide range of efforts, being made around the world on the fight against climate change impacts; a phenomenon that already shows its effect on the planet earth. That is why the big debate right now is ¿how we can stop climate change effects?

According to the Living Planet Report 2012 prepared by WWF, one chapter take into account one subject that is extremely uncertain, ¿what does the future hold? This chapter deals with various theories about the effects of climate change may affect the planet and, the current weather conditions, events related to the potential increase in global temperatures, rising oceans by the melting glaciers areas and long droughts are events that we will face and deal with in the coming years.

The chapter also explores a topic that is perceived as the most critical element for the successful management of climate change, and is related to C02 emissions derived from fossil fuels (oil and coal), they have achieved its highest level in recent years, and there is still great uncertainty about how to handle the dilemma between energy generation against the emission of CO2 from fossil fuels, this is certainly one of the most traditional ways in the history of mankind as a source of energy for life, because it is brutally complex, that we could maintain the level of energy consumption if we could not have these resources, since the perspective of the writer here could be the key to climate change.

Under current conditions, looks to the deterioration of weather conditions could be managed in the years to come, this based on what they tell us the history tellers and the speakers; however you do not believe it is necessary to have alternatives from now? We have been talking the last 20 years on these issues, but still do not have conclusive answers to these situations.  It is essential to note that the time spent is not recovered, and to understand that the management of CO2 emissions is a key factor in climate change management.

For more more information please check: http://wwf.panda.org

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