DP: Global Population Growth, an issue of humanity?

Continuing the blog, and taking into account the last thought in my earlier post, related to development perspectives, I will focus this post to give an opinion on the Global Population Growth and its implications for the humanity development.

This is an issue that must be taken into account in the international agendas, as in an economic and social development regards, without leaving aside the impact they can have on the planet’s climatic conditions.

The reasons are quite obvious, which is that today we are more than 7 billion people in the world, and if we look at the past we realize that twelve years ago there were 6 billion, and looking further back we can show that in 1975 the world population was 4 billion, so first conclusion we can say that in the last 38 years we have grown to 3 billion people, about an average of 80 million a year, just to say that each year we have a new German state in the world, if every year since 1975.


We can clearly show that the growth trend it is unstoppable, so the reality is that over the next 30 years we will be talking a lot about this topic, and that data is devastating, if we note that forecast says that in 2027 we will clinch 8 billion, and if no major changes we will reach 9 billion in 2045. So this is tremendous! And if we take into account that not all who are coming into this world will be able to have their access to basic needs, to have equal rights, in fact many of them will born in areas where conditions for their arrival has not been evaluated, so the path that still ahead looks quite challenging.

If we look in detail global growth, shows that the highest rates of growth, linked to countries “Undeveloped«, «Unequal» or “Highly Polluters”, and this is a cause to keep in mind for the future. The reason is attached to all the prospective efforts we should make to prevent a future collapse, once we received the new generations.

To described the above idea, cases such as Mali, Republic of Congo, Uganda, Afghanistan, among others, where there are growth rates of 3% per year (growth rate average – 1.8%), also in addition to the fact of a large deficit of inequality.  Meanwhile there are countries with high development of economic growth based of industry activities like China and India are highly polluters and have a strong participation in the climate change impact.

So this can be translated in that we will grow much in coming years, but we will not make properly, if we do not change the current conditions of many of these countries with whom we are indebted, the first major hurdle will prepare for this great challenge that is before us.

How we should prepare?, what has to be done, where to start?, This is the point where we could start a book, or an organization, or even your own personal effort to massif this message, to set up groups or tribes to work on this, also to alert people, that this is a problem of everyone, not just those in the most precarious or even those who are not aware, so if we do act all individually, the efforts will have not the desired impact.

From my perception there that have two extremely clear lines of development, in order to be ready for the increase of the Global Growth Population for the coming years, these ideas are described below:

Eradication of Poverty: It is important to ensure that developed countries, can engage in international efforts to provide assistance to the most needy of economic tools, that can help the internal development of their countries, but the international aid model must evolve and give empowerment to the countries make their own efforts introducing high ethics components.

Reduce Pollution (Climate Change): In order to make sure that population growth will be received properly, we must take special consideration to our home, we need to continue sustaining our natural resources everyday, water, soil, air and other elements must be use wisely, in addition to all the activities that generate pollutants such as air emissions, waste treatment. All these issues related to climate change should have a major role in the agendas of the countries.

Nowadays, we can see that there are already several organizations from government, non-government and private, making efforts focused directly on the two ideas above indicated, however this efforts have to be aimed to a right path, and additionally meet all transparency and ethical factors that must own to reach the desired goal.

The challenges ahead cannot be different, are not negotiable, and this is basically because the overall population growth is an issue fraught with external factors that are not controllable, and that is why we cannot wait for the situation we come up to act, we need to think preventively and avoid being reactive, because the reality is that global population growth is an issue for humanity.

Soon, a new post.


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