I´m going to talk about something I like, because I´m industrial engineer and like the wind power, it is the offshore wind farm in UK, specifically the Round 3 and its challenge in the Project Management world.

Turbulence in Wind Farm (Source:

Spain takes part in this project, in particular the companies like: ACS, Repsol or Iberdrola. Iberdrola is the most Spanish powerful company with 7200 MW installed, it´s the same power than Spain with the Nuclear Power installed. Round 3 is a project that is 30 km from the shore.

Imagine that a Transportation company is delayed in give you the wind turbine to place in the site or the company that transport the wind turbine cannot transport in the day that you has planned or the weather, because working on the sea is very hard and more expensive. This type of problem, the Project Manager has to be capable to solve. For this situation, the Project Manager has to have the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) in this way, he will be able to solve this problems. All these things suppose a big increase in your budget and maybe you could be fired.


Wind Farm

Wind Farm (

These gigantic Engineering Projects need an excellent Project Manager, because he has to assign the Resources in each specific moment. Also the Cost is very important in offshore is more expensive than onshore. So, the Project Manager has to plan a lot of alternatives to build the wind turbines, e.g. to build the wind turbine on the coast and then install on the pin piles.

Cost, Risk, Resource, Schedule or Quality are very important in Round 3, however if there isn’t an excellent Project Manager, the Wind Power Project can be a disaster. Such that the project can be canceled. All stakeholders must work and take into account in the project. Thus, what would be our project would be a success. In this type of projects in which there are a lot of stakeholders should be done not to prevent any hindrance, for the sake of the project


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