This Apple seems to be prettier outside than inside…

Apple is one of the few IT companies that does not publish an annual CSR report. In this respect, Apple only has two documents that are relevant for its stakeholders:

If we take into account that most of the Apple’s products are manufactured by third-party manufacturers and the company has also utsourced much of its transportation and logistics management, we will understand that Apple’s suppliers are essential for the business.

We can find in Apple’s website:

“Apple is committed to ensuring the working conditions in Apple’s supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. Apple’s suppliers are obligated in all their activities, to operate in fullcompliance with laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate.”

This makes me feel that the company is making efforts to address the concerns of its suppliers but as we all know it seem the company is just doing it after a reputational risk arises.

Apple, cites as it principles: Honesty, respect, confidentiality and compliance. These values ​​sound very good; therefore, if they were carried out, there would endow the trade of a respectable ethical character.  However, from my point of view and given recent events of labor abuse at factories in China, it seems to be time for Apple to include “Equity” as a fundamental value, understanding Equity as the quality of being fair or impartial. Due to ethics this is not just about respecting the workers but treating them on an equal footing with the rest of Apple employees around the world.

Within the company values I missed “transparency” and “corporate integrity”. The unification of the two previous concepts, fairness and transparency, would form the same principal as last one “corporate integrity”. If we could spread these values through all the aspects of the company, and be sure they are implementing the idea, they would provide a “safe pillar” to rest Apple’s righteousness with their stakeholders, as society in the case of the demand for an ethical Iphone, or the suppliers and employees in the case of Chinese factories scandal.

Apple with its new CEO Tim Cook seems to be interested in developing a new vision of the company, one which includes CSR. The new CEO announced that Apple would embrace a new corporate charity matching program, using a model much like those of other major companies.  Cook is making efforts to send the message that Apple is not only pretty outside but also inside, evolving in the way the company perceives CSR. However, as we know, CSR is not only philanthropy…


We would have to wait to see Apple truly integrated CSR into its business model…

But, for how long?


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