Climate Change#2 Mexico’s vulnerability

Mexico stands out in particular as a country whose vulnerability appears to be underestimated. It is a large country with a demonstrated ability to minimize loss of human life even in the most severe weather conditions as the dozens of hurricanes they have suffered in recent years.

Mexico's Climate vulnerability by areas


The Climate Vulnerability Monitor measures effects across four main areas: Health Impact (deaths due to climate-sensitive diseases), Weather Disasters (deaths and damage caused by storms, floods, and wildfires), Habitat Loss (populations at risk to desertification and sea-level rise), and Economic Stress (industry and asset losses).

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor reflects that Health impact and weather disasters will increase by 2030, but there are no more details available to find out, how have they come to that conclusion, so I tried to analyze them with the Global Adaption Index.

The Global Adaptation Index, measures vulnerability as the country’s exposure, sensitivity and ability to cope with climate related hazards, as well as accounting for the overall status of food, water, health and infrastructure within the nation.

However, one of the weaknesses of this index is that there is not a specific status for Weather disasters so I can only analyze in a comparative way the Health impact.

We can see that Health vulnerability has decreased in the last 14 years, but as this index just shows information about the past and the first index is telling us information about the future, we cannot compare the results of both tools.

We can concluded that while the second index places Mexico in the 69 position over 161 countries of the vulnerability ranking, showing that Mexico vulnerability has decreased in the last years, the first approach states that it will increase again in coming years.



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