the past companies believed in closed innovation and competition with each other. However, this has changed now, and attention is being given to Open Innovation, which is the use of purposive inflows and outflow of knowledge to accelerateinnovation and expand the markets for external use onnovztion respectively. The business world today is very competitive and more open, hence there’s  need for companies,businesses to be more creative and innovative to attract more customer. Open innovation helps the company to involve the consumers, employees, researchers in developing news ideas for everyones satisfaction. One thing i like about open innovation is that you dont guess on what the market wants since you are involving the in creating the new ideas but also new markets and this might reduce fhe operating cozts and increase the profits. Additionally open innovation shorten the innovation cycle and dramastically reduces the cost of research and development.


In short Open innovation is all about;

  1. Involving people (employees, clients, suppliers, other stakeholders) in terms of new ways of working, incentives, fading distinction between work and (social) networks;
  2. Operations ((e-)processes and (e-)infrastructure) in terms of (e.g.) web access, communities, facilitation of knowledge and creativity sharing;
  3. Policy (written and unwritten rules) regarding (e.g.) intellectual property, privacy, outside communication; and
  4. Culture (e.g. openness, learning, networking) to create the right (and safe) atmosphere

From this we learn that, open innovation tries to simplifiy the organisations activities by ensuring that there is a good link between all the functions, procedures and people both within and outide the organisation. However having the great ideas is not enough, it is important that the ideas which have been generated should be implementaed by the company to the satisfaction of the customers. So it is important for companies to ready for soem changes in their strategies according to the vission and the ideas which have been generated.

There are several companies which are using open innovation and one of them is Cadbury whic is a company that believes in creating strong relationship with suppliers, universities, SME’s and other multinational organisations that lead to great innovation and products.Here is a link for the companies open innovation websites The premise for these initiatives are, that no one organization or human being can know everything. “The world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside,” Yochai Benkler wrote in ” The wealth of Networks”

There is also a platorm for different companies known as Atizo, where companies companies can post a question to a crowd to get more and better solutions. This is called also Open innovation since you are not looking inside your own firm for ideas but to a broader spectrum of people. Some call it crowd sourcing for ideas. Atizo’s platform allows companies to generate ideas, evaluate ideas and develop the ideas into marketable concepts. Most companies have seen the benefits of the plat form saying it is fast and cheap.





Other known initiatives are My Starbucks Idea, Dell IdeastormIBM Innovation Jam and Shell GameChanger. These are all corporate examples of Open Innovation. For R&D matters more organizations are beginning to post challenges on Innocentive which is a platform where companies post challenges and pay for researchers around the globe to solve them. Procter & Gamble is one of the active players on Innocentive.

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