Volkswagen Automotive Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai

The automotive manufacturing plant that Volkswagen has set up in Shanghai is a very well structured and organized factory where machines and people work together. Volkswagen has transfered all their high technology, know-how and quality to this plant in order to maintain the position and spirit of the brand. In the visit of the plant we could see how everything is working and which are the differents parts of the factory.

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In the first part of the plant is held the construction of the different components of the chassis (such as body, doors,etc.). They are made separately and later on, all the parts are assembled and connected with each other. In the next stage, with the chasis already assembled, it is set the dashboard by its different parts. The work team and concentración of the employees are very important here. There are quite a lot of components and devices that are needed to be set in a row. In a conveyor belt, where the car is moving, the employees are working against the time and they need to conclude their job not to break the work chain. The following workers should start their next specific task in the conveyor belt when the car arrive to their spot. Once the body with the dashboard of the car is finished, all this piece is connected with the bottom part of the chassis, engine and breaks.To complete the car, they need to set the remaining parts such as seats, doors, etc.

It might seem easy as it is explained here, but there are a lot of complex processes and machines that are involved in the manufacture of the car. The employees should be working hard as well not to break any part of the chain. There are differents team focus in developing and product every part of the car and their job is very important in order to allow the next team continue manufacture of the car. Without an specific part of the car finished, the chain is broken, what means that at the end, all the employees are just “one team” working together to finish the car in time. Finally, the brand new cars are gathered together and they are ready to be sent to the clients.


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