I’ve got 1.000.000 friends… but I don’t know the sound of their voices

Internet is the invention of the century (maybe of all centuries). Through Internet we have access to an infinite number of sources of information about anything you can think of, from information about cars to curiosities about shrimp’s habits. You can express yourself in your blog and never, in the history of the human being, one single person has been able to be chatting with twelve guys, making advances with an American girl and an Australian boy and playing poker with three Chinese people at the same time. It’s great.


And thing goes even better if we talk about social networks. You can recover friends from your childhood from whom your only memory is their ridiculous nickname, and suddenly you notice that he is the director of your bank and your house is, if fact, HIS house. It’s very useful to keep being on touch with friends that have had to leave to other cities or countries, and to know new interesting people you’ll probably never speak face to face.


But, is everything OK with that? Having access to such amount of information can be a problem in many ways. Umberto Eco has told many times that Internet has a dark side: credibility. Anyone can post anything in the net, but nobody assures if this information is right or not. Besides, users are many times overwhelmed with this amount of information and simply keep the first one they find. So, can be Internet making us lazy and misinformed people? And what about all the time we spend in front of the computer?


Social networks have their danger too. We can have millions of friends… but miles of kilometers apart. And that’s great but, what about the ones we have just ten meters apart? Social networks should be a substitute of the direct human relationships only when there is no other way, but there are many people that only use THAT way.


Internet means revolution and have changed and improved our life in many ways. Thanks to it the concept of “freedom” have reached a new meaning, anyone in almost any part of the world can access to any information and can be in touch with their beloved. But we must keep on mind its dangers, and never use it lightly as the powerful tool and weapon it is.

Clara Plata Ríos

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