NO to CO2 . Act, don’t react – YOU can reduce your carbon footprint!

por silviavillar on 02/04/2012

Reflejos Especulares en un MapaWe are all responsible for greenhouse gas emissions but the good news are: we are all part of the solution to decrease its level!

That’s why it is important to act together to reduce the amount of global CO2 emissions in order to improve our quality of life, reduce negative impacts from climate change, specially,  in the most vulnerable regions and to guarantee sustainability of natural resources. Therefore:

>>The reduction of our carbon emissions must become a new common principle<<

Here comes the question of HOW to reduce????

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon emissions in your daily activities, ways of consumption and lifestyle habits.

It is very easy to identify the areas you can modify, however if you calculate your carbon footprint you can realize how much carbon emissions you are responsible for. Then you’ll be surprised how well you do or not!?


But don´t be discouraged you can still be an active planet role player, start to collaborate and share this message and attitude towards actively reducing your personal and peers CO2 emissions.

If you want to know more about the importance why to care about carbon emissions, learn how to calculate your carbon footprint and find simple ways that you can apply to your lifestyle and future choices then come and join us in the workshop 18.04.12 NO to CO2 Act, don’t react – YOU can reduce your carbon footprint! In the EOI Madrid @ 14:15

You will be astonished how simple it is!

workshop on April 18th.

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