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First of all I want to say that this is going to be my first experience in developing a blog, the truth right now is that I’m especially excited, because I write quite often, therefore is going to be a new habit.

Returning to the line of thought, I give you a brief description of who I am and where we are going with the blog.

I’m Venezuelan 33 years old, my university degree is in Accounting, also I had a  Master in Management and Finance Administration, my professional career I have developed in KPMG Venezuela, where I was 8 years and achieved position myself as a Senior Manager of Risk Consulting area, in the last 4 years I worked in “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability”, I was in charge of managing the projects that were developed in the firm, this experience changed my outlook completely, I met a whole new world of alternatives and much to do, also greatly motivated me to work in the light of new needs that we shall be facing soon, which are connected to all environmental and social issues that have left a secondary place in the agenda topics global interest, for these reasons and many others that we will go in this blog progressively revealing everything that is linked to Sustainability and Climate Change has become my main area of ​​personal and professional interest.

When I look back I realize that I have been constantly evolving through professional areas associated to accounting, external audit, internal audit, risk consulting and finally CSR, which is why I pose the following question directly.

It is difficult to change? Change mindset? Change habits? Change of interest? Change professional? Changing the way you live? Change your beliefs?

In my opinion we are now the world is in a process of major changes, we have left behind the unilateral view that what matters was focused to the economic, the world order is changing at a speed that sometimes we do not realize, we now look more attention to environmental and social issues and all the implications that would have in a short and long term, so the aim of this blog is to address these issues, many of them related to topics of interest connected to Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Social Responsibility affairs, and as I mentioned above now this is my passion, so I will get deep with this topics

Finally say, that I do believe in change, and the power that is generated from them in the process of transforming ideas that make the road to where we want to go.

Nice to be here, we meet again soon


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