Marketing in China

After being 12 days in China attending to different lectures from great professionals, I guess I’m able to explain you briefly how is and how you have to do marketing in China.

First of all, I would liketo write about three main myths that I’m sure they spring to mind after reading my first sentence:

  1. In China you have 1.4B customers. You must know that all the numbers are controlled by the government and they are expected numbers, not the real ones. This means you cannot base your hypothesis and segmentation in numbers as the GDP, for example. Many Chinese people are poor and they have not the same habits as people from the cities.
  2. Easy to succeed fast. You are not allowed to enter in some fields, controlled by the government, and if you have succeed, they can change the law in order to promote their own companies againts yours. The most valuables companies in China are Chinese, and almost all of them with presence of the government.
  3. China as a life guard. You don’t have to think that a product that doesn’t work in other countries will succeed in China. New generations are getting used to the occidental habits and they refuse second-level products.

Then, what do you have to do in order to have a good marketing strategy in China?. Here you have some advices:

I hope all this tips and knowledge will be useful for you, and you will have a great succeed in your Chinese adventure.

Thank you for reading.

André González




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