Management of Millenials in China

One of the most impressive things I have heard in China during our lectures has been during the HR management class, and it has been how difficult is to manage millennials in China job environment. Despite being a close country that doesn’t have access freely to internet content, Gen Y or Millenials present same characteristics in China than in occidental society, “they are ambitious, demanding, hypersensitive and almost allergic to criticism” according to professor Brian Schwarz.


This is augmented because Millenials in China has grown under the one-child policy, that can be traduced in an extended family formed by 6 people, their 2 parents and their 4 grandparents, whom have put a lot of effort on taking care them but also a lot of expectations that can be traduced in a huge pressure from kindergarten to entrance exams for university All this generates a lot of expectative to them in a society that is not really good managing emotions.


When this generation has arrived to the offices they have added a lot of emotions due to their huge expectations in their careers, and have raised conflicts, because they have achieved staff positions and their style, more assertive and open, confronts with traditional Chinese style. Millenials want to take the initiative and share at their workplaces but they lack experience, which generates that Gen. X management feels unrespect and unable to deal with them.


Certainly, they are the protagonists of China future and their different mindset will help (or push) to open China. Brainstorming with them will generate for companies’ opportunities that they have never thought about, and with the actual government target of becoming leaders on innovation for sure millennials are going to have a lot to say.


The key point to channel all the energy and ideas is leadership, with proper management to encourage and guide them and with effective training on emotional intelligence, this generation can achieve huge success


…but if they are not well managed frustration can be their worst enemy.

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