Why leaders have to train their female skills

The future of leadership is about cooperation and collaboration rather than competition, dialogue rather than monologue and giving incentives rather than punishment.

The border between work and life vanishes, the goal is to introduce life into the workplace and make it more real. A study shows that most employees use only 10 % of their brain capacity the time they enter the office – a pity, isn’t it? And a huge unused potential! The aim of leaders should be to make their employees to love their company and to be eager to go to work every day. This is obviously not a simple task but will definitely be worth it. It can be reached through the alignment of individual and company values. The leaders have to walk their talk and create the environment. This could for example be the increased possibilities to make friendships, as they have an important impact on job satisfaction (Forbes 2010).

One successful example is Google who gives its employees 20 % of their working time to devote to their personal projects. This has an enormous potential and generated Google Mail. Obviously this «free» time has to be communicated and managed in a proper way so it will not become a long weekend. Your employees have a huge potential which can and should be used for this win-win situation!

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