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COP22 (22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) was held from November´s 7th to 18th at Marrakesh, and the main goal was to discuss how to implement and regulate the Paris Agreement (COP21) proposals. This last year Climate action event was one of the most international success main UN meetings in several years. It has established unknown precedents on Climate Change negotiations, in which 177 parties finally signed, and compromise themselves to reach the objective of staying below 2°C (if possible 1.5°C) on the earth temperature.

From that date on, 114 parties has already ratified the agreement presenting their INDC (Internal nationally determined contribution). At least 80% of the submitted plans are on agriculture mitigation action, and 64% on agriculture adaptation action. Having considered these priorities from the parties, there is a “clear increasing recognition that climate action in agriculture is part of the solution” said the FAO General Director José Graziano da Silva, who also add that it is “an opportunity to tackle climate change WHILE fighting poverty, hunger and malnutrition”.


The focused initiatives on low emission agriculture such as ASAP, SAVE FOOD, LIFE BEEF CARBON and 4pour1000 not only demonstrate a big progress on agriculture awareness dimension at COP21, but also have already being taking place during this 2016.


Besides the four mention projects described, arriving on COP22 three new initiatives that highlight this potential in agricultural adaptation were presented. Morocco got advantage on the meeting to formally launch its Adaptation of African Agriculture initiative, but therefore, Global Framework on Water Scarcity and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact also reach main relevance. The three of them had already initiated before their presentation.




Smallscale farmers produce 80% of the food consumed in the developing world, yet the paradox is that this is where hunger and poverty is mostly found. Developing countries are the home of around half- billion smallholder farm families who produce food and other agricultural products. So is clearly shown that Agriculture (including forestry and fisheries) is the most threatened and affected sector by the industry, climate change, and inequality. Although at the same time is one of the huge responsible of world’s GHG emissions (producing over 20% to 21%) is not the only, but one if the biggest responsible on fighting against poverty and hunger.

Reducing gas emission, building agricultural resilience, and increasing productivity for farmers, are some ideas of this mitigation/adaptation plan. But, is only under large-scale projects such as re-designing the completely agricultural support policies and incentives, or changing actual agricultural practices to sustainable ones, that real and deep transformations can be carried out.

Investments on infrastructure such as extending irrigation systems to guarantee independent food production from weather and climatological fluctuations, funding and improved access to credit, insurance and other financial services for smallholder farmers, and progressing in science research and education are initiatives that cost much more than the mount of 20.000 to 30.000 million dollars that African Development Bank propose in their last inform.

Faucet putting Gold coins and seed in clear bottle

Bringing FAO´s general director last words at COP22, I just can end this article saying that without action, agriculture will continue to be a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Adopting climate-smart practices emissions can reduce while stepping up food production to feed the world’s growing population and stop hunger.

Then, let´s start sowing money.

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