RISE report / comparison between 2 Sub-Sahara countries

The World Bank launched a project called Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy (RISE) that is focus in three topics: renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access. 17 countries participated with information from December 2013 to June 2014. The main target of the RISE pilot report is to be a tool for the policymakers and promote private investment in these countries

The results of Mali and Liberia regarding Energy Access are quite different despite the similarities between this two countries.


Mali has an ambitious plan including both grid and off-grid electrification and already achieve the goal to give access to electricity to 55% of the population by 2015. For policies and regulations the standards for safety, reliability, voltage and frequency are by law. In pricing and subsidies the government have an especial fund for electrification, and is reflected in the increasing access to energy in the last years.

On the other hand Liberia is still on the draft of a plan for renewable energy expansion that is not yet validated. Regarding policies they don’t have a framework for regulation and tariffs. In pricing and subsidies Liberia improves by don’t subsidizing fossil fuels and having the goal of reducing their greenhouse emissions by 10%.

It can be concluded that the main reason why this two countries present such different results is because Liberia needs a trustworthy framework and a government that invites investors and NGO. Upon further investigation both countries are starting to do a better job and in this past 2 years both have obtain new funds for renewable energy access.

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