Let your people go surfing

Can we feel fulfilled at work? How flexible working hours and spaces impacts on the company´s results?

Whether managing a business or having a SME or big company, flexible approach of work life make stakeholders’ engagements stronger, revenues higher, and leisure-moments better.

As the owner of the clothing company Patagonia Yvon Chouinard writes on his book “Let my people go surfing”, the key of having the perfect balance between working hours and leisure time is making your people “go in the same direction”. Not only he believes it, but also with 2016 revenues (almost $750M), he has shown that hiring independent people who is very self-motivated and just communicating them where the company is going, allows people work better. Besides, taking decision by consensus and not by compromise, or empowering and respecting worker´s desires, allow him “live more”.




This company as so many others B Corporations, show us that when PASION + COHERENCE are together, impacts are higher. As the certification looks for, respecting the environment and the social values are two issues that concern a big segment of the consumers. So as we respect this values, they will keep on choosing us. Besides, nowadays we cannot say anymore that we “didn´t knew”. With all the technologies, information access and connectivity of a big portion of our world, we have already seen what we should do and how we should do it to make better impacts not only in our control circle, but also in our influence environment.

Taking values as respect, empathy and active listening at the moment of being in charge of a department, or creating an enterprise, will make our projects arrive to a good port. We can generate the environment where we would like to remain or want our employee’s remain for a long period of time. Although we have to be aware that is not for everyone. There are companies trying to evolve to some new and more flexible working space models or schedules, not taking into account the employees well-being and the way they feel comfortable at the working moment. So, asking how they would feel more engage with the company, what are their need, and what the expect from the enterprise might be the first step to make this changes.

But, as a young, nature-passionate and social-empathic worker, I agree that creating working spaces more relax, with the possibility of contact with nature and light, and also with flexible schedule following the employees needs, will make better and more working-leisure balance environments. And as people is happier, the entire business goes further.

At the end, best waves are not coming back next Monday at 8am, so let the employees go surfing when the best waves are coming and make your company run better.

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