Energy access in humanitarian settings

Clean energy access for efficient cook stoves and clean fuels for cooking are NEEDED

Energy access in humanitarian settings is one of the most problematic issues that governments and humanitarian organisations are facing nowadays.


Electricity for lighting, communicating, and powering essential equipment is needed in humanitarian settings. Fuel-efficient cookstoves and cleaner fuels are also needed to improve respiratory health, help to protect women from the dangers they face when collecting firewood from unsafe locations, and enhance nutrition by ensuring families don’t have to exchange half their food ration for cooking fuel.

In 2015, 65.3 million people, were forced to abandon their homes and they leave with few possessions and in fear of their and they have been affected by this crisis, having to rely on three-stone fires and traditional fuels such as wood, animal dung, and agricultural waste for cooking, which negatively impacts their health, food security, safety, and the environment.

Nearly 3 billion people in the developing world cook food and heat their homes with traditional cookstoves or open fires, resulting in negative impacts like:

Traditional cooking fires are one of today’s biggest environmental threats to human life and a shortage of fuel for cooking is one of the many problems faced by people in the developing world.

We need to act now to fix this problem and be able to get a clean energy access in humanitarian settings and faced one of today’s biggest environmental problems and threats to human life as it traditional cook stoves and a shortage of fuel for cooking


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