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2 Julio 2020

Proyecto fin de master: ORNC. One Roof No Ceiling


Executive summary included. In Spain we have one of the most developed electrical systems in the world and we are a leading reference in the development of renewable energy. Transport of primary energy to consumption centers, that is, households, companies and SMEs, local shops, is one of the things we pay the most for in the electricity bill, it can be around 40-60%. What if we could avoid this payout percentage? According to the latest research people are increasingly willing to convert to self-consumption, since there are fewer and fewer barriers that favor its installation. First there is an economic motivation in which in the medium-long term we save money, secondly there is another rational component such as caring for the environment. But it is true that self-consumption is not within everyone’s reach. What about those who can not afford it butwant to reap the benefits of consuming renewable energy? What about those who due to infrastructure can not install solar panels but also want to save money in their electricity bill? One Roof No Ceiling was born with the purpose of solving these problems. In doing so, this start-up will focus on informing people about the advantages of being a solar energy producer and sharing that energy with your neighbor, so you can both enjoy cleaner and cheaper energy. How are we going to tackle this problem? Solar communities is the answer. By installing solar panels in the roofs we are going to be able to provide energy to the house. But also the excedent is going to be transferred to commercial areas or consumption points in a 500 meter ratio. The new RD244/2019 allows us to send this energy without having to pay any fee for it. This opens up the possibilities to important savings in the electricity bill. For the commercial contract (matcher) and for the one who gets the panels installed (roofer).

Master en Energías Renovables y Mercado Energético (Madrid)