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IV Improving High Tech Financing in Europe: Policy lessons from the VICO Project


The purpose of the event was to allow an open discussion between researchers and policy makers about the main problems related to the financing of high tech ventures in Europe. The point of reference was the results of the research conducted by Universities and Research Institutions, from different countries, under a 7th Framework Programme from the European Commission: the VICO project.

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Prof. Robert Carpenter (University of Maryland – Baltimore County. USA)
Prof. Bart Clarysse (Imperial College of London. Belgium) Dr. Terttu Luukkonen (Research Institute of the Finnish Economy)
Mr. Dominik Sobczak (DG Research and Innovation, European Commission)
Mr. Enrique Gómez (Consejero Delegado. Empresa Nacional de Innovación. Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio. Spain)