Eugenio Colon Gaviño

Eugenio Colon Gaviño

Innovation Management in ICT
School/University: La Salle Business School, Spain

Management Development Program (PDD)
School/University: IESE Business School, Spain

Quality Management
School/University: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

Industrial Engineering
School/University: Universidad de Cadiz (UCA), Spain

Profile: Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator for Mediterranean region.

Operational Excellence & Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Operational Excellence & Organization Manager, Operational Development & Environment Manager, HR Support Unit Manager: Quality Manager (Service Area), Methods & Tools Manager, Customer Solution Responsible (CSR) for Telex Solutions, Support Engineer, Tester.

Vice-president of Spanish Association for Quality.

Member of the Assessor Board for Quality Management and Business Excellence Master in the EOI Business School.