Kepa Solaun

CEO - Factor CO2

Director of Factor CO2, philosopher, economist, lawyer and Master in Environmental Management by the EOI.
Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Navarra as well as in many postgraduate courses.
Convinced of the enormous importance of the climate change phenomenon, he took a leading role to create and regulate the European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Allowance Trading Scheme as well as to develop the development of the former public plans related to climate change in Spain.
At the present time he focuses his work on directing major projects from Factor CO2, related to public and private sectors. He still plays an important role in the areas of public awareness and information where required.
He is author of several articles, publications and presentations on climate change.
Associated Professor of Enviromental Economics at the University of Navarra.

Degrees in Philosophy, Economy and Law
Master in Environmental Management - EOI
General Director of Factor CO2