Mining MBA (Sevilla)

20 Feb 2020

Thursday and Friday from 17:00 pm. to 21:00 pm.
Saturday from 9:00 pm. to 14:00 pm.


10.000 €



The mining sector is expanding and tackling a complete transformation. It is a sector that constitutes a pillar of the sustainable economy due to its contribution to GDP, to the generation of employment and to the circular economy.

With this Program the participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to join one of the most dynamic, technological and future sectors.

  • Structure

    EOI has designed an in-depth training programme in which theory and practice are combined and delivered by business professionals, who introduce a realistic view of management.

    • Economic Environment
    • Strategy and Organisation
    • Corporate Finance and Management Control
    • Commercial and Marketing Management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Human Resources and Mangement Skills
    • Operational  and Management
    • International Business
    • Complementary Subjects
    • Project  Methodology


    • Introduction to the mining business: economical perspective
    • Exploration: business (itself) and the start (of a bigger business
    • Feasability studies and technicla reports: whay they are, and what they are not
    • Resources and Reserve Estimation
    • Planning a mining Project
    • Executing a mining Project
    • Minining: planning, extraction, processing, marketing
    • Enviromental perspective
    • Permiting
    • Social, Legal, RSC, Compliance

    PROJECT (100 h)

  • Methodology

    A multiple methodology proven over 50 year´s experience in training organisation, allows us to offer programmes with a consolidated methodology especially oriented to the needs of our students, and to the requirements of the companies who employ them at the end of the Program.

    It is precisely this experience that has enabled us to develop a complete and integrated method of training, in which each student can create their own agenda within the Masters which is, therefore, always tailored to the initial profile and development of our students.

    The method of teaching postgraduate programmes has been designed on the following elements: Faculty, Theory - Practice Sessions, Case Studies, Business Plans and Special Sessions and Evaluation. The special combination of these elements constitutes the real differential element and added value of EOI, in comparison to other institutions, and is oriented to achieving both maximum academic and personal progress of the student.

    Bringing you closer to the world of business, the EOI postgraduate programmes offer the student integrated training, mirroring business realities: these programmes train the student both in techniques and skills which are founded on a solid theoretical base, and possess an eminently practical approach with a clearly global dimension.


    The EOI teaching sessions are given by professionals active in various areas of expertise, who bring together theoretical knowledge, wide professional experience and proven educational abilities, enriching the learning of the student by transmitting not only their theoretically based managerial knowledge, but also their own current, real experiences.


    The case study method, widely used in all the prestigious Business Schools, reflects real situations which have occurred in real companies and show the student strategic decision making situations, which are similar to those they may face when they join the world of employment.


    In contrast to other prestigious Business Schools which use the case study only as a teaching method, in EOI we believe that it is important to combine case study with the demonstration of the most recent managerial techniques and trends. This is achieved by our lecturers, business professionals, who explain them with a clearly practical approach. This is then reinforced with the completion of numerous exercises by groups and individuals, to enable the student to acquire solid conceptual basics which can be applied to company management.


    To further apply acquired knowledge, the students develop a Business Plan in a group setting, directed by a professional from a company specialising in the sphere of the plan. Their Plan will be presented at the end of the course, and its approval is a necessary condition for securing the Masters. The Plan may consist of the creation of a new company, or of the restructuring of the business strategy of an existing company.


    In addition to the normal course sessions, the students take part in additional sessions based on the numerous activities which take place in the Business School. These are considered to be of great value to their professional development.


    In our methodology, evaluation and student feedback play a fundamental role in performance monitoring on the Program, and in identifying strenghts and detecting those weaknesses which need attention.

    The qualification in each Subject is conditional on the following points:

    1. Overcoming assessments of knowledge.
    2. Quality of papers and tests conducted academic level.
    3. Teachers evaluate all those exercises, reviews, cases, team projects and discussions that take place in class.
    4. Attitude, grade and quality of the holdings in class.
    5. The student’s performance in each subject will also be evaluated in relation to the performance of the group.
    6. Assistance: The student must have attended 90% teaching and tutoring.
    7. The student’s performance in each subject will also be evaluated in relation to the performance of the group.
    8. The Business Plan may be approved, after evaluation by the Director of the Plan, the Director of the MBA, and by an external body of prestigious executives.

    The notes are denominated in scale from 0 to 10, with the qualification for the adopted 5.

    The address of the program carried out three evaluations of monitoring along the way, after the first part (management and coordination business), another after the second part (production aeronautics / aerospace), and a final evaluation after the project. These three follow-up evaluations allow the student to have a reference in its evolution over the course and see what aspects, if any, need to be improved. For each module will be given a grade to students in terms of the work, exercises, cases, attitude and class participation.



Si estás interesado en formar parte de la próxima convocatoria de este programa, rellena el formulario de la solicitud de admisión y envíanoslo acompañado de una fotocopia de tu DNI, tu CV actualizado, tu certificado de estudios universitarios, otros certificados o títulos de idiomas y una carta de motivación.


Una vez recibida tu documentación, el Departamento de Admisiones se pondrá en contacto contigo para concertar una entrevista personal con la Dirección del Programa. De este modo podremos conocerte personalmente y contrastar la información aportada. Los candidatos que no acrediten experiencia profesional deberán además realizar una prueba de admisión online.


Cuando hayas superado el proceso de admisión, podrás abonar la tasa de reserva para garantizar tu plaza en el programa. Después, deberás enviarnos un email con los siguientes documentos adjuntos: el resguardo del ingreso, el impreso de elección de modalidad de pago y la aceptación del Reglamento General del Alumnado.